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Why the Extibox Line ?



Because efficient safety equipment doesn't need to be ostentatious nor ugly.


Because our equipment conforms to standard regulations, not to formalism..


Because we respect your architecture and interior design, which are both a vision and an investment, too often parasited by disgraceful equipment.


For more than 20 years, we have provided imaginative solutions for architects, interior designers and commercial and tertiairy building developers, to integrate and highlight their safety equipment while contributing to the decoration and atmosphere of the buildings.


The Extibox Line is the result of our commitment. Identification, accessibility and originality.


The Extibox Line improves safety by protecting the extinguishers from dirt and damage while allowing them to be positioned in the most visible and accessible places..


The Extibox Line is original furniture, protected with registered trademark and models.





Decorative fire safety equipement, stylish fire extinguisher cabinet,

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Fire extinguisher stand, decorative fire extinguisher stand

Fire extinguisher cover, decorative fire extinguisher cover

Fire extinguisher protection, decorative fire extinguisher protection

Fire extinguisher furniture, decorative fire extinguisher furniture

Fire extinguisher cupboard

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